DM Art Festival


We have realized through this strange state of social distancing, isolation and uncertainty that people turn to ART to heal, strengthen and comfort them. We believe, more than ever, that ART plays a major role in healing the world.  For those seniors who had goals and visions impacted by COVID-19 and the cancelation of ceremonies, events, and final performances, we want to create a meaningful bookend to close this chapter of their lives. Through a virtual festival, we aim to raise their hopes, and raise their awareness of the great impact their own art can have in being a healing part of the world. This festival will be supporting their futures by awarding five performers with a scholarship to go towards college and/or their next step in their artistic journey, mentor and motivate them with keynote speakers from the performance art industry’s most experienced and caring professionals, as well as give them one last chance to perform and share their solo work through video media.

Interested in being a part of this very special event?

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